The What : THE Cameleone Night First Edition ! Indie Rock + Photography Exhibition

The When : February 26th 2016

The Who : Central Express + Mad Kick + The Wealthy Hobos for the sound and Ligia Francisco + me for the photos !

The Where : LE BUZZ (Belleville)/ 106 Boulevard de Belleville, 75020 Paris

The beer was good, the vibes were great and the mood was…up to no good ! It was rather up to SEX and Rock n’roll ! Up to you for the drugs, I’m not judgemental…

Organised by the sweetest girls ever (and one guy, who’s even sweeter actually), who turn themselves into Rock n’roll maniacs and furies during the show, they managed to assemble a team of 3 rock bands with real genuine rock attitude.

Electric but not electronic,
rough and tough,
some real good pre-sex Rock n’ Roll
(or after sex, or during sex, or no sex, or I can’t finish that phrase
fuck, I really should finish that phrase)!

The 3 sets were between 6 and 8 tracks each, so YES ! for 5 euros (yeah, not a typo, it IS really ONLY F-I-V-E EUROS) the deal is really cool !

The concert is actually worth much more « yeah, like 6 euros dumbass ! » was something you could have heard during the show… told you, Rock was in the air…

Want to get your ass seriously kicked ?


For more infos : https://www.facebook.com/cameleonculture



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