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06 Oct 2015

Drifting sky

What if water and the sky just had enough and left us to go to another planet with much worthiest people ? We’d surely try to retain it but with such silly toys that it would just reinforce their feelings that they definitely have to leave that dumb inhabitants planet…

20 Sep 2015

Journees Europeennes du Patrimoine / European Heritage Days

No one even dreamed it / Jack Lang created it !… and he was darn right to do it ! Beneath a sunny sky, in Paris it was yet another success for the European Heritage Days (Journees Europeennes du Patrimoine)

17 Sep 2015

Holograms : A silent revolution

Just like a very distant tsunami, the revolution of the coming holograms is slowly and silently leaving our shores to be discreet but to become in a very near future quite loud and massive and shake our daily lives for good. Could you just imagine that for a second ? Entering a shop and here appears the animated hostess who could light up the way to your requested product. Playing Tony Stark with your very own JARVIS ?   Entering an […]